About Roman Daniels Suit Club

My family have been in the suit and tailoring business for close to a century.

Our team members are all seasoned professionals; between us we have well over 100 years of experience.

We understand the importance of a corporate wardrobe – it is more than just a uniform – a good corporate wardrobe, speaks volumes about the person wearing it and the company that they represent, well before they have even said a word! A good corporate wardrobe is often the first impression for any business to its clients and the public in general.

We are extremely proud to be the corporate wardrobe supplier to Lendlease and look forward to growing and developing the range across the group in the months and years to come.

The Roman Daniels Suit Club Team offer a one-stop corporate wardrobe service, including: design, manufacture, online portal development, supply and distribution, all with a real edge of our fitting station technology.

We aim to provide Lendlease and all our clients with a corporate wardrobe and service that is a benchmark of not just Australian standards but world highest standards.

Andrew Scarf
Director and Founder
Roman Daniels Suit Club